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Masks by Kenzy

I started making face masks in March 2020 and developed a signature design that was well-fitting, comfortable and stylish. Originally I made masks to help protect my family and friends but as NZ went into the first lockdown I got prepared, purchased materials and set up a website. Masks by Kenzy became a busy online business and our masks kept customers covered all across NZ and overseas. You can check out our mask making journey over on Instagram @masksbykenzy.

I rebranded to Made by Kenzy when demand slowed down so I could explore and share my other creative interests, we'll continue making masks as long as people need them. Thank you to all our customers for your wonderful feedback and support, we love that you love our masks!  

Take care and stay safe

Kenzy xx

Masks by Kenzy

Visit the Unite Against Covid website for the latest information and requirements for wearing a face-covering in New Zealand.

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