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Important Update Jan 2022 NZ

Omicron is highly transmissible and it’s time to upgrade your mask protection. Official advice now recommends medical grade P2 surgical mask or N95 for the highest level of protection but need to be fitted correctly. Adding a PM2.5 filter inside your reusable cloth mask will also increase protection.

Surgical masks often don't fit well so you can double-mask - wear a good fitting cloth mask with nose wire over the top of a surgical mask or cut a surgical mask to size and use as a filter inside your cloth mask.

Remember that any mask is better than no mask, and fit is the most important factor first, then filtration and then comfort.  

Whatever mask you choose - make sure it covers your nose, mouth and chin, and fits comfortably but securely against the sides of your face. 

Handling your mask.

Wash or sanitise your hands before putting your mask on. Do not touch the front of your mask while putting it on and taking it off, as it could be contaminated.  Instead, just use the straps - place into a paper bag or container ready to wash.

Washing your mask.

We highly recommend hand-washing your mask in hot soapy water, or machine washed in a delicates bag. Hang to dry. Wash your mask after every use and have a few masks on rotation.

Fitting your mask.

With clean hands place the mask over your nose, mouth and chin. Adjust the elastic ear straps using the silicone sliders and contour the nose wire to create a firm but comfortable seal around all sides of your mask. Once you have a good fit try not to touch your mask while wearing it.

Inserting a filter.

Your mask is double layered with a filter pocket. Insert a recommended filter layer of your choice for added protection, making sure it covers your nose and mouth. Follow the washing and handling guidelines of your filter.

For More Advice...

Here is a link to the New Zealand Covid-19 website with detailed information about the latest mask requirements.

Unite Against Covid-19

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